Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So because this is the Cawyer's blog spot I decided that I (Chase) would write occasional on this little blog. Now here is the deal, I am only writing on certain days and being the OCD person that I am the days I write will have a pattern. To clear this up a little I will not be writing on all of the days that are in the pattern, but every day I do write will be a part of the pattern. Comprende? Didn't think so. Anyway so what to write about. I've been emailing the Choctaw reservation about getting a blog together and each of us write in it about once a week, that way we don't get burned out, and I heard great feedback, but as is typical with most males, and that fact that fantasy football is around the corner, that idea fizzled pretty quickly. And the fact that Taryn doesn't like to talk about herself a lot she asked me to write in the blog every once in awhile so you know it is the next best thing.

So what's going on with the Cawyer's? Well first off I am still ticked that I was not able to go to Jenny and Jesse's wedding. I did see pictures, I did get a replay of the music in order from my wife in the car on her ipod and I did get to talk to friends about it so I understand what went on, but it's still not the same. This has been the second wedding I had to miss because of stupid weekend classes. Check out this amazing coincidence. To set a background I am getting my MBA in the summers while I am in Med School and so it's pretty time consuming, but in order to keep you from killing yourself during the week they allow you (or in my case mandate you) to take weekend classes. Not a bad deal considering you get 3 hours grad school credit to sit in class for 4 days, no test, no real homework, just readings and reflections papers. Sounds like a great deal right? It is unless you're like me and you have 2 weddings and your grandmother-in-law's funeral to go to 3 of the 4 weekends. So what do you have to do? You have to skip them, except for the funeral which I had to write a dreadful paper to make up for my absence. But think about that out of the 4 weekends I have something going on during 3 of them. And what did I have to do the other 6 weekends I did not have class. NOTHING. Yeah just my luck that all of those major events fall on those days. So all in all if your thinking about taking weekend classes I warn you they are great unless they conflict with the things in life your not supposed to miss.

So yeah MBA school is a breeze if you had an undergraduate degree from COBA. (Shout out to all my profs), b/c everything you learn in your basic MBA classes you had at the undergraduate level. So go Wildcats. It kind of sucks though because this summer has been so relaxed and chill and then boom tomorrow I get thrown into MS orientation and classes start on Tuesday. Goodbye life as I know it. O well, from what I hear school still beats working, you know except for the whole little deal of a salary, so I'll take it with a grain of salt. Speaking of catchphrases my all-time favorite is still "boom goes the dynamite"
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So if you didn't know Taryn and I watch a lot of TV, and I've decided its for the following reasons. 1) It's cheap (well cheap in the fact that it's a sunk cost, got to love business terminology, and we don't pay anymore to watch it) 2) If you find the right show its like a movie that never ends and 3) Taryn can eat ice cream while she watches it, I think that's the main reason for her. Anyway despite why we like to watch TV we still watch it and being the critical person I am I'll give you a little insight into a few shows on our DVR.
Flipping Out - Casey Cope was asking Taryn to explain this and so I'll take the honor. Imagine the most OCD person in the world flipping and remodelling multi-multi-million dollar houses all the while creating a 48 point to do list for his FOUR employees that just take care of his personal house and animals. O and did I mention he's a flaming homosexual, just makes the show that much more to laugh at. On TLC Tuesday nights at 9. A new fav thanks to the Rampys 4 out of 5.
Jon & Kate plus 8 - I was a little skeptical of this at first, but after watching one interview with Jon the dad this show is hilarious. It's about that family from Pen. that had sextuplets (that's six kids) after having twins and how they function. Like Full House except reality based, updated, and actually funny. If you like sarcastic males you'll love Jon and this show. On TLC not sure of the time b/c Taryn records all the episodess 3 out of 5.
Hidden Potential - Really worth watching in HD. These designers take 3 crappy houses and make them into awesome abodes. I love it in the fact they completely change floor plans in almost every house, and if you're like me and love walking into construction houses I feel you'll love this show. My only complaint is they do these huge remodels and say it cost like $40,000 when it actually has to cost like double that. On HGTV 3 out of 5 when the guy Barry is the designer 2 out of 5 when its the girl Paige.
High School Musical Get In the Picture - Now I'm sure your wondering why I watched this show and I'll give you the simple answer, advertising. I could not watch a single program on ABC without seeing a preview for this so I had to record it. Let's just say it's American Idol for kids. No Simon Cowell telling them how bad they are and too much encouragement for me. The only thing I enjoyed in the first 4 episodes was the duets in the final 20 minutes of 2 shows. Other then that count me out. I'm sure I'll still record these and watch them, but it will be in mega fast forward just to watch my boy Ether, yeah that's his real name. You might want to check it out just to see this band geek rock out. On ABC on Sunday and Monday nights 7, 2 out of 5 stars.
So those were just a few recommendations for some TV watching this summer. Hope you enjoy and look forward to talking again soon.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

For Casey Cope

Its official.. I finally gave in and decided to start a blog. I've been debating whether to do one the past few months since we moved to Lubbock but I just dont think our life is interesting enough to write about- I guess you can be the judge!

So this past weekend I went home to see family and see Jenny and Jesse get married- it was such a bittersweet weekend. And lets just say that if anyone is planning on coming to Lubbock anytime soon, I highly recommend flying- a grand total of 45 minutes from DFW!!!
I spent some time with my family and Chase's- even though he had to stay in Lubbock for a mandatory weekend class!! I just love getting to spend time with family, but its never quite long enough- just long enough for you to wish you didn't live 5 hours away.
On a lighter note, The Eyer's wedding was perfect. It was so sweet and couldn't have come at a better time. Its been hard here in Lubbock only knowing Shelbi and Preston, so it was so nice to have quality girl time with a few of my faves:) I started tearing up when we had to leave... so emotional, I know.

So I would like to make a formal request for everyone to relocate to Lubbock as soon as they can- I dont know why everyone thinks DFW is the place to be- I mean I know it has everything you could ever want in a city, but Lubbock has Baskin Robbins...and the most amazing sunsets you've ever seen (very romantic!)

Please consider:)