Friday, September 12, 2008

Flood Season.... What?

Now the average person wouldn't think that Lubbock would get a lot of rain, but if you were here right now you would think you are almost in Galveston battling Ike!!

Let me explain: it usually takes me about 8 minutes to get to work on an average day. However, last night on the way home from work, it took me almost 35 minutes!!! I felt like I was back home in Ft. Worth. The reason it took so long was because it was raining like crazy and Lubbck has no drainage system- NONE!! I didn't see one gutter the entire way home and I was looking hard.
I was over by Texas Tech and I kept driving down different streets trying to get home, but I would go about 50ft and then kick it into reverse because there was too much water to safely drive through. I just couldn't find a way out- it was actually a little embarassing:) I'm what you call a NON risk-taker, so you couldn't get me to drive down a street if I wasn't sure if I would float away. I finally got to the point that I started following this one car around to see where they drove and if they survived- then I would follow!

Anyway, I finally made it home, exhausted from the traffic and dodging all the mini-lakes on the road.

Chase said it best last night: "Thank goodness we live on the second floor, because I'd be a little nervous tonight." It really is crazy here!

To really paint an accurate picture of how much it has flooded here..... I am off work today because it rained so much. Thats right, they canceled school today because Lubbock has been declared a state of emergency... from rain!!!

I jumped up and down last night when I got the call school was cancelled- I really needed a day off!

So here I sit, watching Regis and blogging. Life is great.
Poor Chase is at school though- I think he is the only school that is actually in session today. Since his school is pretty much like a job, they really can't cancel today. Too bad, I wish he was here:(

So life in Lubbock is weird right now, but still loving it!