Friday, October 3, 2008

The most disturbing lab ever

OK quick disclaimer: If you are sensitive to the subject of the reproductive system in a completely scientific way, I recommend you stop reading, check out the you tube video of a hermaphrodite singing A Whole New World and drink a nice cold glass of Milk. For those of who don't care I hope you don't hurt after you read this.

So Anatomy lab is divided up into 3 blocks and at the end of each block we switch the body we are dissecting. This block I happen to have a male which is cool because they are usually larger and it is easier to see things. In addition this block is over the areas of the abdomen, pelvis area, and the lower limb. Now the reason you have cadavers is to learn about what the anatomy is supposed to look like, therefore you have to dissect them. Not as weird as you might think...until you get to the pelvis area. 
So yesterday in lab was the day were we learn about this region. Cool I thought, I haven't been disturbed or grossed out in any lab and its something you never really will get to (or will ever really want to) see close up again. Well we walk into lab and read our instructions and I start to freak out. As I said earlier, I have a male and with this lab they want to make sure you cut right down the middle of the pelvic area to get see everything you need to see on the inside. So how do they make sure you cut right down the middle? They make you stick a probe (an 8 inch long metal pen type object) down the urethra to make sure you cut through the middle. Now I know what your thinking, the guys dead, he can't feel anything, and you know what God rest his soul he didn't, but you know who did feel it? Every other guy that had to witness this travesty. Guy's actually imagine seeing what I saw, a girl, with no inhibition, shoving a metal pin into that orifice. If you actually imagined it I guarantee you your guys just shivered a bit. 
Listen I'm all for science and learning about the human body, heck I'm in Medical School, I kind of have to like learning about it all, but to see the amount of force and aggression she used in putting that probe in, it was like she had no idea how squeamish guys get about that stuff. So I write this entry for one reason and one reason and one reason only, guys take care of your kidneys and girls don't go sticking metal probes into dead guys urethra's while other men are watching.  

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Where has the time gone?

So it has been over a month since I last have entered my thoughts into this thing we call a blog. Speaking of blog where did that name come from? I'm sure Jesse or Mason knows the answer so if you want to know hit them up. Anyway so I enjoy reading the Edwards blog whenever they write in it. Considering both could have been English majors, the style and enjoyability are great so that's just a plug for their blog. I bring them up because I am taking a page off of one of Lauren's earliest blogs about type A personalities in Dental School/Medical School. Here's a few facts you need to know about my class

1) We have meetings that could take 5 minutes and ends up taking 1 hour
2) We ask questions about the human body that are reserved for God and God alone, they go something like this, "Why does the illioinguinal nerve pass through the superficial inguinal ring and not the deep inguinal ring, while the genital branch of the genitiofemoral ring pass through both the deep inguinal ring and the superficial one?"
a) why we need to ask questions about a fact befuddles me and b) we don't have to know everything about everything, that's not to say Dr's don't need to know important things I just think the answer to that question could go into the 1% of things that we don't need to know
3) We go identify arteries and nerves in lab 6 times to make sure we know them, I think you learned them the first 3 times we went over it.
4) Whenever we vote on which Charity to give to people complain because they don't have enough information to know which charity would be the best. I might be wrong, but wouldn't they all be for good causes?
5) We had our class elections and have 7 positions, I think like 15 people ran and 9 of those ran for President
6) Fun fact but out of the 10 people in my small group 7 are the oldest child.
7) People attend meetings based on the topic of discussion as opposed to the food selection.
8) Those that are there for the food selection get there 30 minutes before it starts to make sure they get food (and the people that are putting on the talk plan for about 3 times as many people actually show up).
And finally I feel like I'm one of the passive personalities in my class.