Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Reverge of the Nacho Burger and we bought a house

So yesterday we signed our life away and bought a house. More to come on that whenever Taryn gets around to blogging, (I don't want to steal her thunder). On a just important note I have rediscovered the Nacho Burger.

In one of my first blogs I talked about how much I love Chili's (scroll down to the post titled Chili's and my experience with their Menu. The link is only provided for you who really care to reread post that I wrote almost a year ago. Well anyway Taryn and I went there to eat dinner and I was just craving the Nacho Burger so I asked our waiter, who both Taryn and I think is an old DT, if she could see if they still make it. She came back and said yeah its on the old menu and its only $7.59. $7.59???? There is only one other burger cheaper than that and thats the Oldtimer, which is basically a burger you can make out on the grill for 1/8th the cost and just as delicious of a taste. Well of course I said sign me up and so I got it, I ate it and it was delicious so everyone be jealous. Ummm well I'm in class right now learning about Pseudomonas (you know things that cause pneumonia) and so I should probably play attention. I just wanted to share the excitement that is the Nacho Burger. Look forward to Taryn's post on the new house.

Until next time

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Who would have thought???

Who would have thought it was this hard to pick out paint?

Here's my new dilemma. Its not really a "dilemma," but to a type A person like myself, it is.

I just don't know what to paint the trim on our new house!

I know this sounds like a stupid thing to fret about, but it really is a taxing decision.

Currently, the house has cornflower blue trim. That's right blue- YUCK!! It will be one of the first things removed when we move in (two weeks by the way!!) I really can't stand the current curb-appeal... well, I wouldn't say it really even has curb appeal right now. Oh but it will in due time!!!!

So, I've been getting paint sample after paint sample and holding them up to every part of the house trying to narrow it down to something... but I just can't decide. You are probably thinking "its just paint, its not that big of decision." Wrong. Its so important for two reasons:

1. We are new to the neighborhood and I don't want people to look at our newly painted house and think "who are these new people that moved in and made our street look ridiculous?" I know it won't look as bad as the current cornflower blue, but still... I'm a people pleaser:)

2. We are sort of "flipping" this house to sell in a few years and I don't want someone not to buy it based on the trim color- that would be terrible. I've watched enough HGTV to know that people have a hard time looking past the current color of a house so I don't want someone to not give our house the credit it deserves based on the trim.

Side note: as I'm sitting here writing this, I'm thinking "just pick a color and go with it Taryn!" Geez.

Ok, this post was more therapeutic for me, than entertaining for you. Sorry.
I believe I'm going to go with a grayish/brown color.

Stayed tuned to see if I actually pick that color.

Until next time,
Live. Love. Pray. Give Thanks.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My First Easter as THE CHEF!

Happy Easter!!!

So far it has been a wonderful day!
Chase and I woke up early and went to the early 8:30 service. Our church just started this early, early service today, so we though we'd try it out.

We love our church. Today, I was especially moved by the sermon. Our preacher started a new series called, "Confessions of a Preacher." Its about how even preachers struggle with sin and NOBODY is perfect. At the end of the sermon the preacher wrote on an index card what sins he struggles with and has decided to surrender them to God. He then nailed the index card to a wooden cross on the stage to say "I surrender." He then invited us all to do the same. There were wooden crosses all around the room and Chase and I wrote what sins we struggle with and nailed it to the cross. I loved this. Not only did it actually make me think about what I struggle with, but that I have the freedom to surrender it to Christ and let him help me overcome these sins. What a great service!!!

After church, Chase and I came home and I made my first Easter meal. Since we had such a short break for Easter and we live so far from home, we didn't go home this weekend to be with family- its been a little sad this weekend, but Chase and I have enjoyed our little holiday to ourselves.

Anyway, back to the cooking. I mean I cook and all, but not really from scratch very often. Earlier in the week I asked Chase what he wanted for Easter lunch, and you can only imagine what he said. "Umm... have to have a ham and at least four sides and rolls."
My response... "Chase, its just the two of us." But, I agreed because lets face it, the guy loves leftovers and from my point of view, I sure don't mind cooking one HUGE meal on Sunday for him to feast on the rest of the week.

So, no more cooking for Taryn the rest of the week!!!!!

I would like to announce that my first Easter feast was a complete success!!! We dined on baked ham, broccoli rice casserole, HOMEMADE mashed potatoes, corn, rolls and my favorite green bean casserole!!! Delish!

Oh and of course cake for desert. I've attached a few pictures for those family members who may need actual evidence to prove my stellar cooking abilities.

And to round out the afternoon, Chase and I are watching some fantastic Master's action. Go Tiger!!!

Live. Love. Pray. Give Thanks.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


We finally did it and broke down to watch Fireproof. I've wanted to see it because I love those types of movies but Chase was a little less enthused. He definitely wasn't about to pay $9 at the theater, but due to the wonder that is the "Red Box," he was more willing.

So Friday night, I was feeling pretty nauseous (no I'm not pregnant... I don't think) and just wanted to stay home and veg. So, with a little convincing and begging Chase said we could watch it.

We made a little pallet on the floor and started the experience of "Fireproof."
I don't know if you know the premise, but its about a husband and wife of 7 years that is on the brink of divorce and neither of them have Christ in their lives.

Now, let me clear one thing up, the acting leaves much to be desired, but the story is great!

Halfway through the movie, Chase said, "I'm glad you made me watch this."
Aaaahhh, the joy of being right:)

If you get a chance to see the movie, you should. It is such a good reminder why God puts up with our antics everyday and why marriage is so sacred. It reminds people not to take the other for granted and to treat them with REAL LOVE daily. Such a great movie.

After it was over and I had cried for a while, we talked about how happy we were married and how thankful we were for each other.

PSA for the day: Go see the movie.

Live. Love. Pray. Give Thanks