Sunday, February 14, 2010

Life, Love and Lubbock

I would just like to share a few thoughts I had today... Valentines Day.

First: Life.
We are loving life right now. Chase is in the gauntlet of med school- studying like crazy. He graduates with his MBA in May and I couldn't be more proud of him. He has worked so hard trying to get his MBA and MD. Crazy kid. I sure wouldn't have the determination to do it, but that is why I love him. He is so dedicated and goal- driven. I have recently had a sneeking suspicion that he just wants to stay in school for the rest of his life- he just loves learning cool stuff.
He starts his rotations this June, which he is super pumped about, but nervous about too. I'm praying he falls in love with a certain part of medicine that he is excited to do for the rest of his life... because right now he changes his mind about every other day.

I still am not that happy with my job, but I'm truckin' through until May. Thank you Jesus for summer breaks. I'n trying to stay positive, but its tough. I was laying in bed this morning thinking, "Wow, my little job payed for this house!" Hard work really does pay off- especially in Lubbock- where the dollar bill can get you a lot farther than everywhere else in the U.S.

Second: Love
On this wonderful holiday... Valentines day... Chase and have done nothing to celebrate. He did just stop unloading the dishes today to tell me he loved me. That was sweet, but we really aren't into the whole valentine thing. We love each other and thats enough for me. I'm personally not into the whole gift thing either. However, I did tell Chase today I am little upset he has NEVER, repeat NEVER, given me flowers- not even a single flower. I know they die and you can't use them, but its the thought that counts right?
So, if any of you see Chase, you should check up on how his flower hunt is going?:)
Love you!

Third: Lubbock
This has become a new realization to me as of today. I love Lubbock. I never thought I would say those words, but its true. Chase wants to stay here the rest of his life... I'm not really to that point of love, but it wouldn't be terrible I guess.
Lubbock really is a great town that I have learned to love. Here's why:
1. Great people all around the town- genuinely nice
2. Love our small group
3. Have a great group of fun friends
4. Not too crowded
5. Always run into someone you know
6. Made a life for us here
7. Close to the mountains
8. Family oriented
9. Great economy
10. Young, fun college town

Here's why I couldn't live here the rest of my life:
1. No family
2. Too dusty

Thats it. Those are the only reasons I don't want to set up shop here the rest of our lives. So, this is my solution... We need all family members to move up here:) As far as the dust goes, I guess I should invest in the jumbo pack of Swiffer Sweepers!!

Side note: To all of those that are thinking in their heads... "Why in the world would anyone like Lubbock?"
Well, I had those thoughts too- but give it a chance and I bet you'll love it too!