Sunday, November 22, 2009

How could someone do such a thing!!!

Ok- get ready for a story that will make you want to drive up to Lubbock and regulate yourself!

So Friday was my birthday- thank you to all who wished me well (I will be returning phone calls soon) and on my way home from work, I called Chase to see what time we were going to dinner. When he answers the phone, he sounds ultra depressed...
Chase said something was wrong with Toby and he wasn't moving.
Being the over-protective "mom" that I am, I rush home to find Toby laying on the floor, looking miserable. He looked about 5 lbs lighter and didn't even jump up to greet me like he usually does... he actually couldn't even get up.

Chase and I though he must have ate something earlier in the day and he was felling a little icky, so we let him sleep on the couch while we went out.

When we got home later that night, there was still no change- except he was starting to throw up now (sorry for the visual... but more sorry for my carpet).

We cleaned up the carpet (looks like new now) and put Toby to bed, praying he would be better by morning.

No such luck. When I went to get Toby in the laundry room, he had been sick all night and was still throwing up. Blah!

I decided to take him to the vet, while Chase studied for his test tomorrow. At this point, Toby hadn't had anything to eat in more than 24 hours and was starting to get weak and shake- my heart was just breaking for the little guy.

When we finally get to the vet, he decides to take an x-ray of Toby and later tells me Toby has been shot in the side.

And I lose it- I'm mad, confused, sad, frustrated and ready to go hurt whoever decided my sweet Toby needed to be shot. We had noticed a cut on Toby's side the day before, but the hair was matted down and you couldn't see below it. The vet shaved his hair off and showed me the perfect hole- he thinks it was a pellet gun.

By this point, I can barely breathe and stay focused enough on what he is saying. The vet tells me it might have perforated his intestines and he doesn't think he will be able to find the bullet even in surgery. We decide to put him on some antibiotics for pain because we think he's really just in too much pain to function.

We leave the vet, a few pretty pennies later, and I try to drive home amongst all the tears to tell Chase the news. At this point, I've decided either Toby is going to have to live with the bullet in him pain free, or we are going to have to put him down-- but I really did not want that to be an option.

Chase was way more mad than upset and immediately called the cops to report what happened and hopefully we can find who wants to kill our dog- I mean yeah he barks, but only when he feels threatened and only during the day. I mean, if you are going to stay home all day and don't like to hear dogs bark, then move out to the country. Geez! Every person on our street has a dog that barks occasionally, but I don't see anyone going around shooting them...

To make a long story short, today is new day and I think Toby is going to make it. We prayed a whole lot yesterday and he woke up this morning and decided to eat a little and play with his toys! He won't leave my side and his tail is wagging much more today!

Toby's wound and Tess trying to protect him.

So, please keep him in your prayers- he's like a child to me and I would be devastated if I had to put him down.

Oh... anyone have some good ideas on what we should do in retaliation?

Other good news.... THE KITCHEN REMODEL IS FINISHED!!!!!!
Here are some before and after pics!



Monday, November 16, 2009

My favorite time of year

So here is what we have been up to lately..
A few weekends ago, Chase and I traveled to Dallas, with the dogs in tow, so Chase could speak at a COBA (ACU business dept) fundraiser appreciation dinner.
We got to stay at the Crescent in Dallas- one of the nicest hotels I've ever been through. Thank goodness Chase convinced me to change out of my workout T-shirt and shorts before we checked in... I would have been completely embarrassed. Seriously, it was that nice. Once we made it to the dinner fundraiser, we chatted it up with some big time COBA donors and then ate some delish food. By the way, I felt completely out of my league at this event- I didn't really even know what were eating or what silverware to use.

View from our hotel room... so Dallas

Chase spoke after dinner about his COBA experience and how his experience has helped him through med school and MBA. I was way nervous for him about his speech, considering the day before I asked if it was ready and he said, "I'm just gonna wing it."

Oh, ok I thought- yeah that sounds like a good idea to speak about how good of an education you received at COBA and stumble along your speech. But being who Chase is, he did awesome!! So proud of him!

All dressed up for the fundraiser!

On Sunday, Chase played in a golf tournament with some family and we didn't get to leave FW until about 7pm. Thats right. We didn't get back til about 1am and then I had to be at work at 7 the next day. Let's just say it was a rough Monday.

On house news... the kitchen should be 100% done by this weekend. The countertops are in and backsplash is almost done. I don't mean to brag, but our kitchen looks awesome!!! I'll post pics when its all done.

Tess and Toby are still just the most precious dogs. I just love them like my little babies:) Well, more like toddlers- it seems like they are in the "terrible twos" stage right now.

Little babies sleeping...

In other news, I am so excited for the weekend to come. Friday is my birthday (Yikes 25!) and we're gonna go out with some friends I think. I'm trying to convince Chase to take me to the new Twilight movie coming out this weekend... but this is his response "Like I really want to be with every other middle school girl in town at the movies."
He does have a good point... but its my birthday wish:) I think he'll come around with enough persuasion.
Chase also said I could decorate early this year for Christmas, even though that totally goes against his rules for Christmas decorating. Since, we are going to be out of town for Thanksgiving, he says its ok. "Out of sight, out of mind."

Chase is still trying to be a doctor by the way. We probably have a weekly discussion on what type he will be and where we will move next- we are such OCD planners! Currently we are wanting to move to an city that has an SEC football team... Nashville, I think so!!!!

Anyway, thats about all that is going on here in Lubbock. Its cold. Its windy. Its the best time of the year!!!!