Tuesday, March 31, 2009

When is it time to say goodbye?

So once again I am sitting in my ethics class and bored. Which is really weird considering this class is one of my favorites I've had. Anyway I'm bored so I have a question. When is it time to say goodbye to your favorite jeans? Or for that matter any other article of clothing.

Last weekend I bought (or I should say my wonderful mother in law bought) a new pair of blue jeans. I had not purchased a new pair of jeans or received a new pair since Christmas of my freshman year so needless to say I needed some new ones. What prompted this decision you might ask? Well beside the fact that my mother in law is awesome she saw me wearing my favorite pair of jeans that I got my sophomore year of high school and the holes all over them (including the most important part my back left pocket wear my wallet is stored). On a side note is it not just so awkward to change which cheek your wallet is stored on?

Anyway so my question is when do you move an article of clothing out of the rotation of everyday wear into the area of work and junk wear? I have been struggling with this question for a week and I couldn't come up with an answer. More so I think this question is so stupid because it really has no bearing on life in the fact that it is just a pair of jeans, but regardless in the last hour I have decided when it is time to retire a article of clothing. When your wife says so. Taryn told me to not wear the jeans anymore and of course I ignored her b/c their my clothes and if my wallet falls out its my fault not hers. But in class just now I just heard "Ain't no one's happy if momma ain't happy" (it was great b/c a 30 year old black women said it.) Therefore, I am going to retire them into the 'I don't care what I look like category.' For those of you that have a pair of jeans or a shirt that you loved and it was always the one that you picked when you went out in, those are these jeans to me and so I ask that when you go home to put your favorite article of clothing away treasure that time b/c it flies by and have a moment of silence for me.

Until next time,

Monday, March 16, 2009

New Homeowners

It is true.
As of Friday the 13th (now considered my lucky day), Chase and I bought a house!!!

It's been the craziest week. We just started looking last Saturday. We met the cutest husband and wife relators. (He was even an ACU alum, so Chase was just about giddy they were working with us.) They showed us three houses around Lubbock in our price range and we happened to LOVE one of them. So, a few days passed and we looked at a few more houses, but we just couldn't stop thinking about the house we saw the first day... so we decided to make an offer, not really expecting them to take it. But after a few changes, they took it!!!! So in less than 7 days, we looked, offered and bought a house. Wow. So fast. We are so excited!!!!

Here's the deal though. We loved this house because it has so much POTENTIAL. One of my favorite things to do it fix things up. After many hours of watching HGTV, I have found a new passion in decorating homes. So this house will be my new summer project. The house was built in the 60's and it still has the original dark wood paneling, salmon-colored range, orange and brown carpet in the kitchen and no dishwasher... but we see great things. Nothing a little paint can't fix. I've already been to Lowe's 3 times to pick out paint.... I'm ready to get into the house and get busy:)

I'll be keeping you updated on the household changes that are soon to come!!

On another note, I think my camera broke so I can't post pictures of our fun-filled weekend, but I'll give you a little taste of what I experienced.

I attended my first Doctor function. Chase's med school class had a fundraiser event Saturday night. I got to dress up, which I haven't done since we got married, and Chase looked so James Bond in his suit, sunglasses and shaved head.

At the fundraiser, there was a silent auction, live auction, good food, dancing and ...lots of wealthy people.

This was quite a new cultural experience for me. I felt like a fish out of water. I was surrounded by affluent doctors and their trophy wives. Now, let me be clear on one thing, not all doctor's wives are trophy wives, but there are a good handful... and let me tell you... its pretty obvious who they are.

To quote my sweet husband, "Taryn, you're beautiful, but you will never be a 'trophy wife'." In response, Chase's friend said, "yeah, you have intelligence."

I took this as quite a complement, because I NEVER want to be viewed as that.

Then there were also the cute couples that were a little socially awkward, like they have never been to a large social event, but just loved life.

If you don't already know, I love people watching, so really I had one of the best nights ever, especially when the 60 year old doctor and his wife were droppin it to "Get Low." Wonderful entertainment!!!!

That's all for now, until next time,
Live. Love. Pray. Give thanks.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ethical Debates and March Madness

So I'm sitting in my Leadership & Ethics class and we are having a panel that is pretending to have a philosophical discussion about Kantian, Utilitarian or Egotism ethics. An ethical class is important in that it really does help you think about how you react to different situations, but overall it is just a class to make people think they are getting smarter while paying thousands of dollars for an MBA. Whatever read the BIBLE it tells you what to do in every situation, that is my ethical belief.

March madness has begun and I already have the DVR set for Selection Sunday on CBS. More than that this is the first time in 3 years I actually get to enjoy two of my favorite days of the year by sitting in front of my TV and watching the NCAA tournament in HD, o life is good. That's right I will be skipping class, I will be ordering pizza, or other junk food and yes my wife will be right beside me (at least for the night games) to try and will her Sooners to a National Title. BTW it ain't happening. So if anyone wants to do nothing on March 19 & 20 but enjoy the greatness that is March Madness I will be at my Apartment so just come on over.

As a side note 8 predictions before the tournament bracket is set.
1) A 16 seed will come within 10 points of beating a number 1 (my guess is that number 1 is Memphis)
2) This will be the tournament with the least amount of big upsets in a long time.
3) At least three of the four brackets will have a 1-2 game regional final which would make for one of the most exciting weekends in basketball history
4) It's been awhile since a Cinderella hit a buzzer beater, that will change this year.
5) Twice
6) There is a better than 50% chance their could be 3 teams from the same conference in the Final Four
7) I'm going to be upset that Stefan Curry won't be in this year's tournament
8) I will be wearing my Wii pajama pants for the early Thursday games.

Until next time

Sunday, March 8, 2009

St. Baldricks and other exciting stuff!

Well, its official, I am married to man who looks likes he is about to join the Marines.

Yep. Chase shaved his head- for kids with cancer of course.
Chase's med school class raised money for kids with cancer and if they raised a certain amount, some people volunteered to shave their heads- and Chase was one of them.

I was a little uneasy about this. I mean Chase does have pretty sharp facial features and crazy dark eyebrows. I was afraid he was going to look like an assassin. But, I think he turned out ok. I'm just ready for it to be a little bit longer- like a buzz cut that's a little softer. It kinda freaks me out to touch his head right now.

There's a few pictures below to document this wonderful occassion.

Also yesterday, we started looking at houses to buy! This is so crazy for us. Its amazing what money can buy you in this west Texas, conservative town. We found this way old and outdated house, but it has so much potential. Its in a wonderful neighborhood with a great yard for a dog. Its perfect for us, but we'll see how it goes!

Anyway, T-minus 5 days until Spring Break!! WOOHOO. I've never been more excited for a break.

Until next time,

Live. Love. Pray. Give Thanks.