Monday, September 7, 2009

Wait, I already have a day off? YES!!!

So.... I'm sitting here on my day off watching CMT music videos and thinking...."I love labor day!"

I know I've only been back to work like a month now, but man I sure did need this day off.

Maybe I should give a little update on my 2nd year of teaching so far... well, so far, so good. Last year was in a word, ROUGH! Poor Chase said the hardest part of med school last year was my job- how sad is that?!? I would cry every morning before going to work and usually do the same when I got home. Ridiculous, but this year has been so much better already for many reasons.
1. I'm teaching 8th grade this year- some of the same kids from last year (this is good and bad).
2. I'm teaching 8th grade- major maturity over the summer- its like their new people. Its weird to see how much they can change in just a few months, but so far they are impressing me. Thank goodness I don't have 6th grade. I just can't handle those little wiggle worms:)
3. I sort of know what I am doing now. Last week, one of my students said, "MISS, You're so organized this year." I almost gave her an A for the rest of the year. Last year, I was just trying to get through the day without drowning, but now I've had a few swim lessons to improve and doing much better.
4. I'm more confident in my teaching and in myself. If they don't like me.... whateve! This is pretty hard for me to do because if you know me at all, I am such a people pleaser (thanks DAD for this)
5. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Last year, I thought the school year would never end, but now I know that time zips by and I get a summer break- praise God above for that! I told Chase, "No matter how many tears I cry throughout the school year, its worth it to get 2 months off.

So, all in all, good start so far.

On another note, Chase, Tess and I will be trekking to the F-dub this coming weekend for Will's wedding. YAY! I love weddings. We will be dropping off Tess at Chase's parents for the weekend. Bless them for that. She's currently in the "terrible two" stage and thinks everything is "edible." Love her though. Pics to come soon.

Until next time,
Live. Love. Laugh. Pray