Sunday, October 9, 2011


Whew, Its been the craziest time ever in the Cawyer household!

From school to jobs to babies to traveling... we've been go, go, go.... but blessed, blessed, blessed!

Here's kind of the rundown of the past few months:

Chase FINALLY came home after 8 weeks of doing "away rotations." No one ever informs you of this when you sign up to be a med school wife, by the way. He was going to do the normal 12 weeks away, but since he had a pregnant wife back home, he just decided to do 8. He spent 4 weeks in Dallas at UT Southwestern doing OB and 4 weeks in Nashville at Vanderbilt doing REI (Reproductive, Endocrinology, Infertility). You would think since he is in Dallas, I could go see him every weekend, but when he only gets 4 days off the entire time and they are during the week, it makes it pretty pointless to drive all that way. I did finally get to see him in Nashville over Labor Day weekend! We made it a little "Babymoon." It was so nice to get to spend some time with him in the best city ever! We love Nashville. So beautiful, cute and quaint! Sign me up:) We ate a lot, walked around the town, vegged on the couch and spent some time with our dear friends Cherry and Elliot who live there. Other than the motion sickness incident I had on the plane (yes, I was THAT girl), it was a great trip!

Here's a pic of Chase and I before date night in Nashville.

Ever since Chase told me 3 years ago he would have to do these "away rotations" I have been dreading it! I mean, I'm a very independent person, but when you are used to always having someone to talk to at home, help out around the house and protect you from scary people.... it terrified me to have him gone. But after many months of prayer for God to give me the strength and peace, I survived and am actually kind of thankful for the experience. I'm a worry wort and this time alone gave me the peace I had been lacking in my life. I was constantly praying for peace every night before bed... and every night I was peaceful! I learned that there really is no point in worrying about anything because there is nothing I can do about it. I constantly told myself, "Don't worry, Pray!" Thank you Jesus for the lesson:)

I guess he was preparing me for the next adventure in our lives...PARENTS! AH, I can't believe its almost here. Only 6 more weeks until we meet baby Camdyn Grace. We are pumped and so ready to meet her. Its surreal to know that soon we will meet our child that will be the perfect blend of both of us. Who will she look like? Who's personality will she have? Will she have red hair?! Eeesshh, so excited.

Ever since Chase came home last week, we have been flying around like crazy trying to get ready for her. I waited to do everything until he came home and now its crazy! From birthing classes to Dr. apts, to maternity pics, to countless trips to Babies R Us.... we are doing what "they" call "nesting" I believe:) whatever that means!

Thankfully, the "nesting" hasn't been too bad since we have such wonderful/generous people surrounding us! While Chase was gone, I had a baby shower in FW given by my sister-in-law and step-mom. It was at my home church and was wonderful. So many people came that I never thought would come! Family from out of town, old friends and old church families- I was so thankful for everyone that came! Thank you, Thank you!
As soon as Chase came back, we had another shower here in Lubbock. My "side by side" Bible study girls threw a couples shower for me and Chase and our dear friends Tiffany and Casey. They are having a boy a week before us! The theme was "two pumpkins!" It was decorated with pumpkins and bales of hay everywhere- too cute!
Last weekend, we drove down to Austin for another shower for Shaylee and I. She is having a girl any day now! It was so nice to get together with all our dear college friends and just have a good time catching up! I love the rare time we get to spend together:)

We have been so tremendously blessed by friends and family through this time and we don't know what we would do without ya'll! We look forward to having Camdyn meet all of you:)

I don't really have many pics from the Fort Worth shower, but here are some from the other showers. Some courtesy of Mrs. Cherry Wood:)

Lubbock Couples Shower. Tiffany and I both due in Nov! Look at all the cute pumpkins:)

Our "little pumpkins"

Three round bellies: Me (due in Nov.), Shaylee (due any day now) and Elena (due in Dec)

All the girls at the Austin MAX!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Well, its official, baby Cawyer is going to be a girl!!!

We are about the most shocked parents ever. I mean I don't even own a pink shirt!
I just had this motherly instinct that it was a boy...already strike one. Chase thought boy too and only about 2 people thought it was going to be a girl out of everyone we know. (FYI: the old wives tales are NOT true!) After the shock wore off, we started getting super excited... scared to death.... but excited. I would say Chase is definitely more terrified. This weekend he said,
"On a scale from one to ten of freaking out, I was a 10, then it dropped to 8 and now I'm sitting comfortably at a 7.5!"

So maybe by the time she gets here, he'll be a solid 5! We had the 3D ultrasound today and she is precious. We can't wait to meet her in a few months!

Don't worry, just because I don't wear pink, does not mean she won't be decked out in pink with HUGE bows on her sweet little head:) EEESH so excited!

Anyway, Here's me at 20 weeks! Halfway there!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes!

Its been a long time coming, but I guess its time to blog about our life lately!

Lets see, I haven't been on here since January... JANUARY! Way too long.

Anyway, there has been quite a lot of things going on in the Cawyer household. We are still here in Lubbock with the worst spring ever. Literally zero rain and 50 mph wind everyday. I can NOT keep up with the dust in this house. Other than that, it's still not that hot here yet so I can't complain too much.

Chase is almost done with his third year of med school... I can't believe it. It has gone by so fast and I am so thankful. He's going to be Dr. Chase Cawyer in less than a year! Woohoo! So proud of him and all his hard work. He has finally decided to do an OB/GYN residency... and eventually go on to REI fellowship (REI is reproductive, endocrine, infertility). So he gets to help people have babies!!!! He loves the OB part of delivering babies and gets such a high from that so it was cool to see him love what he loves! However, he especially loved helping people conceive and start their own families. He just loved getting to call people and tell them they were pregnant after years of trying. Plus, with REI, he still gets to do surgeries and procedures- which I like because I know Mr. ADD won't get bored:)

Speaking of babies.... Chase and I are totally excited to welcome our little one this Thanksgiving! We are overwhelmed with what to expect and how to prepare, but we know God will guide us through this process. We are just praying for a smooth pregnancy (which, thankfully, it has been so far) and a happy, healthy baby! Chase has been wonderfully supportive and is just now getting to the point where he is NOT totally freaked out! We've been to the Dr a few times already and seen the little bug moving around, but we won't know if its a boy a girl for a couple of weeks. So, happy turkey day to us:)

Thank you to everyone who has been so excited for us and wished us well. We greatly appreciate it! We are thankful for you all!

It's been a pretty eventful last few months and its on;y going to start getting crazier. Chase has to start applying for residency programs this fall- which is scary because we have no idea where God will lead us to for the next 4-7 years. We are excited and ready for whatever is thrown our way!

For those of you that care, here is a belly pic of me at 16 weeks!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snap, Crackle, Pop... Its 2011!

I can't believe it is a new year. Where has the time gone??? Seriously?
2011 means one thing to me: One more year of med school for the hubs! Woohoo!!!

He is in the midst of his third year and currently on his OB/GYN rotation. So, we are back to great story time at dinner:)
He has two more rotations this school year: Internal Medicine and Psych. He will get a small break this summer and then start his fourth year... that's right, his LAST year of med school. I never thought we would make it this far. Not really, but the time has gone by with lightning speed and we are looking forward to a year full of growth, changes and new beginnings.
Since Chase and I are what some might call, "the ultimate planners," we have been discussing where we feel the Lord leading us next. So, far the frontrunners for residency include: Tyler, Temple, Waco, Lubbock and recently, the CrAzY idea of Alaska!!!
I would be ok with any of these places... but wouldn't Alaska be awesome!!! It sure would be cold for a few years, but who wouldn't want to come visit us:) We may have to get a house with an extra bedroom for all our guests:) Time will tell where we should go, but in the meantime, please be praying for clarity as we decide where to go next or if we should stay here.

I am still LOVING my job and look forward to what my crazy 6th graders are going to do/say each day... its an unpredictable world out there:)

Chase and I are also tackling a new goal... we are hoping to run a half marathon in March. I have some friends that did this a couple of months ago and they inspired me to do the same... thanks Dabs and Dani!!!! Since Lubbock has one half marathon a year, we are going to run the "Bloodgushers" half in Midland, TX at the end of March. Yes, Midland.... the land of flat terrain- my kind of run!!! We have made a training schedule and been following it very diligently. We bought some new kicks with some Christmas money and have been enjoying the beautiful west Texas sunsets on our evening runs. I have not reached that "runner's high" yet, nor do I think I will, but I have enjoyed being active and pushing myself to be healthier. Its also very rewarding to work out with your spouse- its a way for us to stay on top of our health.

Anyway, the holidays were crazy, but so nice to catch up with family. Wish we could of had more time home to catch up with friends, but hopefully I will get back to the metroplex soon.
I've attached some pics from the holiday season below.

Up next on our agenda is the LAST bathroom remodel. I am dreading this more than you know. This bathroom is in such bad shape, I just want to shut the door and light a bomb in there and start from scratch. I've almost contacted HGTV to see if they could come fix it. On a positive note, once we finish the project we will be done withe all remodeling. Hallelujah. Hey, then we get to enjoy the house for a bit before we move.
Here is what I have learned about buying a house that needs a little so-called "TLC":
1. Don't do it! I told Chase that wherever we go next, the ONLY thing I am doing is painting. Period.
2. All jobs seems smaller than they really are.
3. You will NEVER, repeat NEVER get rid of the dust remodeling causes.
4. Your vacuum will never work the same.
5. You finally start to enjoy actually living in your house... then its time to sell.

I'll keep you updated on the progress... but don't expect it to be quick:)

Hope this year brings brings much happiness to all and that God blesses your journeys!!!

Until next time,
Live. Love. Laugh. Pray.

Chisholm's on Christmas Eve.

Cawyer's at the Dallas Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day

ALL the Cawyer's that ran...please note precious granddaddy

Chase and I on Christmas Eve... Dad testing his photography skills:)

New Year's Eve in Amarilo with the Rampy's and Mason's!!!