Monday, May 4, 2009

House Remodel Lessons Learned

So we had our first weekend of redoing the house and all is going well. That is to say Taryn is so obsessed that she probably won't be blogging for another couple weeks because all she wants to do is paint and make the house look good (OK BY ME). Anyway a few lessons learned for those of you who are planning on buying an older house and wanting to do a little remodel:

1) Make sure the bathroom has outlets. Our's has one and it is at the light at the top of the mirror, thank goodness my brother does electrical work).
2) Make sure you have a power drill. I have already unscrewed at least 500 screws on the wall or anywhere else.
3) Make sure you have good jams. The only thing I like about painting is being with Taryn and listening to music.
4) Be prepared for your arms and fingers to be stuck in certain positions.
5) Make sure your budget has a spot that says crap expenses and make sure it is half of your total budget. You think I'm kidding.
6) Be prepared to get in arguments about missing painting spots or breaking something of little concern and then laughing two minutes later b/c you stepped in paint in your good shoes.
7) Move close to a Rosas
8) Have fun because it will be worth it.

Overall Taryn and I have already had so much fun seeing the little transformation in our new home and whenever she writes about it hopefully it will be much better than mine.

Until next time