Thursday, November 20, 2008

Taryn's Birthday

So today is Taryn's birthday and what do I get to do in honor of it? Nothing. That's right on the one day that I would be willing to miss class to surprise her or maybe do something special I can't. Why you ask? We'll I had 3 hours of lecture this morning that I really couldn't miss, a boring meeting that I am in right now and not even paying attention to, but attendance is mandatory, I have to go to the clinic and play doctor this afternoon, and I have my stupid MBA class. Wow Happy Birthday Taryn glad I could be apart of your special day.
Obviously I feel bad about this and so I decided to try and make up for it. So I woke up early and ate a little breakfast with my lovely bride, I'm getting her a cake (and that in itself is pretty much the most important part of a birthday to her) and we get to eat Mexican food tonight with friends.
Although not the ideal birthday we're making the best of it and that's what counts. It's going to be great, Taryn is almost half way to 30 YIKES!!!!!! and for the next 16 days she is 2 years older than me. So Happy Birthday Taryn this one is for you. O and if you read this before midnight tonight drop her line and tell her how pretty her red hair his.

Until next month,

P.S. I'm really nervous about a certain present Taryn might get so if it happens you will be getting plenty of blogs about that.

Monday, November 3, 2008

NOV.4 is Tomorrow!!

Disclaimer: I'm on my political soapbox... so if you choose not to read, I understand:)

I've never really been into the whole political thing, but this year I really am. Last time I voted in 2004, I didn't really feel like it mattered that much, nor did I care. But, now that I'm in the "real world", so many things are important to me. Not only the economy, public education or moral issues, but as a wife of a future doctor, the medical agenda as well.
From the healthcare concious, Cawyer household, if Obama's healthcare plan passes, we're all in for a rough time because the QUALITY of healthcare will dramatically go down. Some doctor's won't want to practice if they are making the same amount of money the accountant next door after being in med school for the last 10 years. Plus, the doctors that practice for the love of the field are going to be booked for months and months because everyone can now receive healthcare. Just not a good plan.

So, with all that being said, I am so Pro-McCain. I mean I know the guy is old, but so are our grandparents and I'm pretty sure they are the wisest people I know. With age comes wisdom and experience.
Experience means more to me than anything else Obama has to say. For example, I am a first year teacher and if my students had the choice, I would tell them to go across the hall to the teacher that has been teaching for 30 years because they will for sure receive a better education than I could ever give them because she has EXPERIENCE!!! It doesn't matter that we were educated the same, what matters is how long you've been on the job and dealt with the everyday challenges that come with the job.
I guess I'm a little heated about this because this is what what said in one of my classes today between two students:
Student 1: "I'm going for McCain because he's knows what he's doing."
Student 2: "He's to old to know what he's doing"

I mean really, what ignorance. I know they are only 13 years old, but whatever the child says, the parent has said at one point. It's not like the man is on his death bed, he's just got a little more life under his belt.

Oh and one more thing, does serving for America not mean anything in this election? On one hand, you have Obama that comes across to me as just a charismatic man that wants to have a powerful role in America. On the other hand, you have a less charismatic man that almost died serving our country and is more of a patriot than many of us ever will be.

Whether Obama or McCain wins, I think I will always have more respect for the patriot that served our country than the man that claims to be a patriot.

Whew... that is all.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Long time coming...

It really has been quite a while since I've tackled the blog. Everytime I sit down to write it, I realize I have papers to grade or lessons to perfect... the wonderful job of teaching.

It has been crazy these last few weeks in the Cawyer household. October is one of my favorite months. I mean football, leaves changing, cooler weather, pumpkins, ACU Homecoming and of course its a month closer to Christmas!!!

Well, let me give you a re-cap of this month:

Shelbi, Preston, Chase and I traveled outside Lubbock and went to the pumpkin festival at the apple orchard one Sunday afternoon. It was such a cute little place, full of warm character and charm. The weather was a little misty, but still fun. We walked around the orchard and Chase and Preston decided to pick a few apples and have a juggling contest- it was quite the entertainment. They mastered 3 apples and tried to go for 4, not as successful:) Before we left, we were sure to get the famous apple cake... and it was delish!

Lets see.... what else

This year my dear dad turned the big 55. I mean thats really not that old, but really it kinda is. I guess because when I really think about my dad being 55, I think, wow I'm getting old too- weird.
I went home to surprise my dad at his surprise party. Ruthie told Dad they were just meeting friends for dinner at a mexican restaurant, but when they showed up, there was about 30 people waiting for him- he was shocked!! The best part was he thought I was back here Lubbock, so when we finaly got to see each other, it was such a nice moment.
I miss him.
So this is for dad- Happy 55th!!

Chase didn't get to come- dang med school gave him a final on a Monday, so he had to stay and study the weekend away:(
But he was missed- I guess we'll have to photoshop him in for family pic we took at the party. I think there was mention that it was going to be our Christmas card photo...

The next weekend we both skipped school on Friday and trekked down to Abilene for homecoming!! WOOOHOO! We met our families there since it is halfway for each of us. It was really good to catch up with the fam. Homecoming is always hard because we want to see our families, but we also want to see our friends that we rarely get to see. Since we live all over the place now, its hard to see everyone at the same time. Thats why I love homecoming!!!! It was a fun-filled, exhausting weekend. Chase and I took a walk around campus to see all the changes that are happening- that about wore me out. Chase, along with Jeffrey and Ryan, had to speak to prospective students to ACU about the pre-med program... which was pure entertainment:) The rest of the weekend as spent at the musical (so fun!), catching up with friends, enjoying the parade, game and dinner with the fam. Oh by the way, right when we were about to leave after dinner at Perini Ranch on Saturday, the Hardin-Simmons band came running through the restaurant- it was awesome!! It was so loud and so much fun to be a part of!!! Love the band!
So, all in all, Go Wildcats!!

As far as this weekend goes, its been so nice. We had a halloween party earlier this week and we went as a Tech sorority girl and an STD. The STD rate is out of control here- one in four people have an STD, so we thought we'd make fun of that. I'd like to credit Jenny Eyer for the idea- thanks Jenny!

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST- the Tech vs. Texas game!!! We didn't get to go, but you better believed we watched every minute of it. Being an OU fan, I obviously always root AGAINST Texas. I mean I like Tech and all, but I really just didn't want Texas to win. So, Go TECH!!!!!!

Here's a few pics of our life lately.