Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Day....

Its about time for my quarterly blog post.

Lets' see... There's been rumor of a snow storm all week here in Lubbock, but who really believes those weathermen right? They were right. Thursday morning I went to school. It started snowing. Then the power went out. Generators didn't come on. A school can't run without power- just imagine 600 hormone crazed teens in a pitch black classroom- yeah freaks you out huh? So we move all the kids to the gym. This = CHAOS! How I love days like this... Apparently, the news came on at noon and said parents could come get their kids- but no one told us. So all of sudden all these parents start taking their kids- who knows if they are actually their kids or not. After we go through 3 lunches with each grade, there are only about 50 kids left in the whole school- like going back to class is even an option. Oh yeah, power just came back on. So, we toss them in the auditorium to watch a movie- and the teachers get to leave at 2!!! yay!

Chase and I took the dogs to the park and let them run around in the snow- its was so fun to see them run!

Here's our pretty snowy tree in the back yard.

Chase had a test scheduled for this morning, so we woke up early to get him off to school... but wait, no its cancelled today too. So Chase and I have been able to spend the whole day together- its been pretty weird. He even went to the store with me- I remember why I don't take him. Such an impulse buyer:)

The only thing going on right now is our guest bathroom re-model.
Check out the progress...

Above: Please note the wonderful wall-paper job I found behind the mirror. Quality!

We're just truckin' along up here in Lubbock. Livin' the dream!

Oh by the way, we are counting down the days until LOST starts back up. Anybody else?

Here's a little pic of the kids saying HI!!!!