Sunday, October 31, 2010

Worst Blogger Ever

Date of last post: July 25, 2010
Today's Date: October 31, 2010


The thing is... not much has been going on lately. Here's a quick run-down on all that has not happened:
Chase started his 3RD year of med school- praise Jesus! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel:) I started a different job teaching. I'm at different school in a different district. I love it! I actually look forward to going to work. The days of Sunday evening depression are OVER!!!
Chase's first rotation this year was surgery. He thought it was awesome... not something he could everyday, but loved the excitement of it all. He just finished his second rotation of pediatrics. He loved that as well. He couldn't see himself being a pediatrician, but he enjoyed how much everyone loved their job and how happy everyone seemed- great quality of life! He just started his third rotation- family medicine. So far he loves this too. He gets to see a little bit of everything. So far... he knows what he doesn't want to do more than he knows what he wants to do- that's better than nothing I guess!
We haven't really been anywhere the last few months. We went to ACU for homecoming a few weeks ago. It was a pretty lame weekend. Seeing friends and family was great... but Chase starting feeling really sick Saturday afternoon and we had to come back to Lubbock early- strept throat. LAME.

Here our annual pic with some of our sweet friends. Man, I sure do miss these guys.

He's all better now and we are looking forward to traveling to Austin in a few weeks for Shaylee's wedding!!! Woohoo! So excited!
The holidays are fast approaching and I'm so excited for a little family time... its been a while. Speaking of holidays, many of the Cawyers this year are running in the Turkey Trot in Dallas Thanksgiving morning! So, Chase and I have been running every other day to be in tip-top shape. I'm kind of getting into this running thing. (Wow, never thought I would say that!)

Our sweet friends Marcus and Emily, just had a baby Thursday. They had the first "Lifehouse" baby and we couldn't be more excited for them.

For some reason this is the only picture I have of the shower- how cute preg is she? Love her:)

Anyway, we are loving Lubbock more and more, but also excited to see where God leads is next. Maybe we will stay in Lubbock.... maybe we will go somewhere CrAzY for a few years.... time will tell. Please keep our next step in your prayers.

Oh, by the way... Go Rangers!!! We have been glued to the TV the last few weeks watching the events unfold. When they won the ALCS, I cried. Seriously. Between the joy of winning, the Texas pride and Josh Hamilton's MVP speech- the tears were just flowin'!

Until next time,
Live. Love. Laugh. Pray.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer of Changes

Its been quite the summer for Chase and I. I'm starting to get a little sad August is just around the corner- I pretty much hate the month of August (Sorry if I offend anyone with this comment). Here's why August is my least favorite month:
1. It is SO stinkin' HOT!
2. Its the time of year when the grass starts to lose its pretty green color and turn beautifully brown
3. Summer break is over
4.I get depressed at how much I did NOT get accomplished over the summer break

Now, the only redeeming quality August has going for it is the start of football season! Woohoo!

This summer has been full of traveling, visiting friends and family, house projects and big changes.
After our Disney vacation, Chase had to start back to school. This year is completely different than last 2 years. He started his rotations. His first rotation is the toughest, Surgery. He leaves every morning about 5 and gets home about 6 that evening. Every few days or so he "on call" and has to stay at the hospital all night. Thank goodness he's almost done. Its pretty intense, but he's LOVING it! I'm so proud of my little doctor-to-be! He looks so cute in his blue scrubs and pager on his hip- so official!

Speaking of official. Chase just received his Step 1 scores (biggest test in his life) and he did AWESOME!!!! So proud of him and all his hard work.

While Chase is becoming Dr. Chase, I've been getting things done around the house. Chase's mom and brother came up to Lubbock and helped me re-do the landscaping. What a daunting task. Thank you Corbin for your brawn; thank you Kelly for your never-ceasing hard work and thank you Chase for going to school so someday I can pay to have someone do our landscaping!

Here are some before and after pics:


We painted the trim, ripped out the ground cover, planted new bushes and installed shutters.

Before in the backyard:

We ripped up all the concrete pathways, waiting for grass to grow and planted new bushes- lets hope Tess doesn't eat them.

In other news- I got a new job!
I'm still teaching, but I moved schools and will now be teaching 6th grade science. I'm so excited and really looking forward to a new adventure!

We've had some friends visit recently. Elizabeth came down from Lubbock and I finally got to meet sweet little Reese. Is she not the cutest little thing. I definitely have been bitten by the baby bug:)

Well, summer is coming to a close and I start back to work pretty soon, but we are loving life and thankful for all the wonderful friends we've made in Lubbock and are proud to call it home!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Disney and Beyond!!!

Well, its been a wonderful day today! Rain, rain and more rain. Chase and have literally stayed at home all day. After being gone for 3 weeks, there was a lot "to do" in the house. We took a little afternoon break and popped popcorn and watched "Princess and the Frog." Eh- not my favorite Disney movie... actually, the worst Disney movie ever (am I aloud to say that?)
We are loving the rain- and so is our grass! We're gonna order a pizza and watch another movie... gotta love rainy days. The best part is that Chase is home and has ZERO studying to do!!! I should count my blessings while I can- he starts rotations next Wednesday:(

With that being said, we have been livin' it up these past few weeks! Chase's parents took us to Disney World and then we took a little weekend trip to San Antonio so see some friends. I'll say it again... It is worth the blood, sweat and tears of teaching 8th grade to get to have a summer break! Thank you Jesus!

Here's a little re-cap of the most amazing Disney trip:
Day 1: Flying, Layover, Flying, Sleeping

Day 2: Animal Kingdom- Since this was day one in the park, I felt a little nervous. We were there at "rope drop" and Chase's job was to QUICKLY walk to the front of the line. Since I didn't know any better, I followed him and ended up getting lost for about 10 seconds. I know you're thinking that sounds like no big deal, but when your new to the family and don't want them to think you can't hack it as a Disney fanatic... you start to get a little concerned! I survived and found the rest of the family... whew! Animal Kingdom was awesome- full of rides, shows and safari animals (my favorite!)

Day 3: Magic Kingdom- Road Dumbo first thing- not on the agenda, but there was no line so... Go Big or Go Home! Right?
Magic Kingdom is my favorite- its just so magical... even as an adult. After dinner, we went back to Magic Kingdom for the parade and more rides where we met up with my cousin Amy.

Day 4: Free Day- Went to brunch at Kona Cafe. AMAZING! Had Kona coffee with this banana stuffed french toast with powdered sugar and strawberry on top. MMMMM. Spent the rest of the day on a sugar high and went boating in little mini-racer boats. Then... the monsoon hit! Crazy, crazy storms- glad we were not at a park. Went to Hollywood studios for Fantasmic- best night show.

Day 5: Magic Kingdom- Road all the major rides for the 3rd/4th time, met Mickey and Minnie. Chill day at the park. Best part of the day??? After late night mini-golf, we all shared this HUGE ice cream sundae called "The Kitchen Sink." It was literally in a kitchen sink- 6 scoops of ice cream, 1 can of whipped cream, all the toppings they have, peanut butter and hot fudge! AMAZING!

Day 6: Epcot- We slept in and "ate around the world" in World Showcase (11 different countries). We all split a food item from each country- except Canada and U.S- because they have lame food. Again, another thunderstorm, so we waited it out and stayed for the night fireworks show.

Day 7: Hollywood Studios- this is where our lives changed.... Chase tried out for the American Idol Experience and made it on the show! I thought he was totally kidding when he said he wanted to try out- but then again, I should have known better. He was in the 12 o'clock show. I was nauseous, I was so nervous. He sang "I like it, I love it" by Tim McGraw. He did great- full of energy (of course). He didn't win, which was probably a good thing because the girl he went against came to Disney just to try out for the show- she was hard core!

Day 8: Epcot- no eating this time- just riding the rides and seeing the shows in future world. Rode Mission Space- which literally has barf bags inside and me being the motion sickness queen- again thought Go Big or Go Home. I felt like I was in labor. I didn't even enjoy the ride I was so focused on my breathing. I survived...without losing my lunch!

Day 9: Animal Kingdom- since it was our second time here, we just took it easy and saw all the shows. We left early and went to Downtown Disney for some shopping and chill time.

Day 10: Hollywood Studios- again, second time here, so we rode Toy Story for the 4th time and just took it easy until it was time to head to the airport.... which reminds me-worst part of the trip!
I would like to declare Orlando airport the most poorly designed and organized airport. I mean they should take a few lessons from Mr. Walt Disney down the road on how to run something efficiently. Our longest line of the entire Disney vacation was at the stinkin' airport security!

Whew.... that was the trip in a whirlwind. It was awesome and I'm already wanting to go back. Maybe Chase can do his residency in Orlando and I can work at Disney- if only one could dream:)

Here are some pics for your enjoyment:

Contemporary Resort living room

Intense Family Planning before departure

Living Room at Animal Kingdom Villas

Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!!

Today is our 2 year anniversary- weird!
We celebrated over the weekend with mini-weekend getaway. When I say "mini" I mean we went to the new nice hotel in town about 2 miles from our house. It was really nice and so nice to just have a change of scenery for a change. When we got there, Chase had bought me a new dress... super impressed with his shopping skills. It was so cute! Good job dear:)
We went to Outback for dinner- Chase LOVES that dang bloomin' onion. It sure was good... but not so much for our cholesterol.
We had such a great weekend... even though I had to accept the fact that the NFL draft will always be around the time of our anniversary- thanks NFL- I love you, but in the fall ONLY please:)

Chase and I are currently reading the "Love Dare" together. I would highly recommend it to all couples. Even though we have only been married a short time, we still need a reminder not to take each other for granted.
I'm so blessed to be married to man that challenges me spiritually, has the ultimate patience with me and can instantly make me feel better!!! Love him.

Here's a pic to commemorate the joyous union that was our wedding.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

We are entering my favorite time of year- rain and lots of sunshine.... I love both.
The last few days have been pretty blah- rain, rain and more rain, but our grass/weeds are super green now!

So, not a lot has been going on- we've been super busy. Chase is in hard core study mode- his BIG test is June 11, so we are praying it goes well. He's going to Houston for 3 weeks in May to take a crash course before the test. I on the other hand will be traveling to DC and NYC with his mom and dad.... yay for me! Im actually going as a sponsor for the FWC 8th grade trip. So, even though I get to miss a week of work, I still am spending it with wonderful 8th graders!

We've had quite a bit of progress on the house this spring. With the wonderful help of many friends, we have remodeled the guest bathroom and painted the exterior trim. It looks so much better now. I'm hoping to finish the landscaping projects this summer. We would like to add some shutters to give the front a little more color and plant some more trees. The guest bathroom looks awesome and it has officially become "my bathroom!" Here are some pics:



Summer is just around the corner- only 21 more days for me to teach and two more weeks for Chase! Its so close I can taste it! Other than a few trips back to DFW, we're not doing much.... except going to DISNEY WORLD!!!!!

I couldn't be more excited. I've been counting down for 4 months now and only 57 days to go!

The dogs are good, but if anyone is interested in becoming the home for Toby, we are willing to let you have him. We love him dearly, but two dogs is a lot for us to handle, so if you or know someone that would want a loyal and lovable dog... then let us know!

Hope everyone has a good week and enjoys the spring flowers!!!!

Live. Love. Laugh. Pray.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Life, Love and Lubbock

I would just like to share a few thoughts I had today... Valentines Day.

First: Life.
We are loving life right now. Chase is in the gauntlet of med school- studying like crazy. He graduates with his MBA in May and I couldn't be more proud of him. He has worked so hard trying to get his MBA and MD. Crazy kid. I sure wouldn't have the determination to do it, but that is why I love him. He is so dedicated and goal- driven. I have recently had a sneeking suspicion that he just wants to stay in school for the rest of his life- he just loves learning cool stuff.
He starts his rotations this June, which he is super pumped about, but nervous about too. I'm praying he falls in love with a certain part of medicine that he is excited to do for the rest of his life... because right now he changes his mind about every other day.

I still am not that happy with my job, but I'm truckin' through until May. Thank you Jesus for summer breaks. I'n trying to stay positive, but its tough. I was laying in bed this morning thinking, "Wow, my little job payed for this house!" Hard work really does pay off- especially in Lubbock- where the dollar bill can get you a lot farther than everywhere else in the U.S.

Second: Love
On this wonderful holiday... Valentines day... Chase and have done nothing to celebrate. He did just stop unloading the dishes today to tell me he loved me. That was sweet, but we really aren't into the whole valentine thing. We love each other and thats enough for me. I'm personally not into the whole gift thing either. However, I did tell Chase today I am little upset he has NEVER, repeat NEVER, given me flowers- not even a single flower. I know they die and you can't use them, but its the thought that counts right?
So, if any of you see Chase, you should check up on how his flower hunt is going?:)
Love you!

Third: Lubbock
This has become a new realization to me as of today. I love Lubbock. I never thought I would say those words, but its true. Chase wants to stay here the rest of his life... I'm not really to that point of love, but it wouldn't be terrible I guess.
Lubbock really is a great town that I have learned to love. Here's why:
1. Great people all around the town- genuinely nice
2. Love our small group
3. Have a great group of fun friends
4. Not too crowded
5. Always run into someone you know
6. Made a life for us here
7. Close to the mountains
8. Family oriented
9. Great economy
10. Young, fun college town

Here's why I couldn't live here the rest of my life:
1. No family
2. Too dusty

Thats it. Those are the only reasons I don't want to set up shop here the rest of our lives. So, this is my solution... We need all family members to move up here:) As far as the dust goes, I guess I should invest in the jumbo pack of Swiffer Sweepers!!

Side note: To all of those that are thinking in their heads... "Why in the world would anyone like Lubbock?"
Well, I had those thoughts too- but give it a chance and I bet you'll love it too!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Day....

Its about time for my quarterly blog post.

Lets' see... There's been rumor of a snow storm all week here in Lubbock, but who really believes those weathermen right? They were right. Thursday morning I went to school. It started snowing. Then the power went out. Generators didn't come on. A school can't run without power- just imagine 600 hormone crazed teens in a pitch black classroom- yeah freaks you out huh? So we move all the kids to the gym. This = CHAOS! How I love days like this... Apparently, the news came on at noon and said parents could come get their kids- but no one told us. So all of sudden all these parents start taking their kids- who knows if they are actually their kids or not. After we go through 3 lunches with each grade, there are only about 50 kids left in the whole school- like going back to class is even an option. Oh yeah, power just came back on. So, we toss them in the auditorium to watch a movie- and the teachers get to leave at 2!!! yay!

Chase and I took the dogs to the park and let them run around in the snow- its was so fun to see them run!

Here's our pretty snowy tree in the back yard.

Chase had a test scheduled for this morning, so we woke up early to get him off to school... but wait, no its cancelled today too. So Chase and I have been able to spend the whole day together- its been pretty weird. He even went to the store with me- I remember why I don't take him. Such an impulse buyer:)

The only thing going on right now is our guest bathroom re-model.
Check out the progress...

Above: Please note the wonderful wall-paper job I found behind the mirror. Quality!

We're just truckin' along up here in Lubbock. Livin' the dream!

Oh by the way, we are counting down the days until LOST starts back up. Anybody else?

Here's a little pic of the kids saying HI!!!!