Sunday, October 4, 2009

And that makes 4

I know I've been the world's worst blogger... and I really don't even have a good excuse, except for the usual "Its been busy."

Matter of fact, I've only blogged 2x since MAY!!!! How embarrassing.
But, to make myself feel better, Chase hasn't blogged that much either.

Here's an update on the last few months in Lubbock:

House remodel is at a standstill- we ordered new kitchen counter tops in early July and they STILL aren't here, so we are using an old closet door as our current bar. It's pretty resourceful if I say so myself, but its kinda weird to eat dinner next to a door handle!
FYI: Counters should be here at the end of OCTOBER- that's right, it takes Lowe's 4 months to satisfy their customers... or should I say DISSATISFIED!

Chase's school is pretty intense this semester, but overall not bad. My job has improved tremendously and I actually don't hate it anymore. I would like to take this opportunity to say I have not cried once this school year- major improvement from last year. Thank you Jesus. Seriously couldn't have done it without Him!

Little puppy Tess is growing like crazy and continues to be a little spaz.

Our big news lately is that we adopted another dog.
Now, I know what you're thinking..."really guys, another dog- isn't Tess crazy enough for everyone?"
Well, yeah she is, that's why we got another one!
We would like to welcome Toby to the Cawyer household. Toby is a rescue I adopted from the Humane Society. Chase gave me strict guidelines for getting another dog (secretly hoping I wouldn't find a dog). I had to find a male that was fixed, 1 year old and already had all his shots. Mission accomplished. Toby is 1 year old exactly and meets all the requirements.
Toby is not quite as cute as Tess, but he is the sweetest dog I've ever known. No one is a stranger to him and he will just sit right by me and put his head in my life. He just wants to be loved. He's also so smart- he already opens doors by himself, which is quite nice when he wants to go outside, because I don't have to go open the door for him.
Tess now has a friend to play with during the day and he has really calmed her down- thank goodness!!!!

Here is what Chase and I have concluded: Tess is the cutest, but Toby is by far the sweetest. (Not that Tess isn't sweet, she's just a little spastic and very puppy still.)

In case you're thinking I've become the "dog lady", I assure you I haven't!!!

Anyway, I am super pumped that fall is here- the house his in full fall mode with my new fall wreath I made, scarecrows, pumpkins and fall trail mixes!!!! Yay for new seasons!!!!

Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love. Pray.