Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Well, its official, baby Cawyer is going to be a girl!!!

We are about the most shocked parents ever. I mean I don't even own a pink shirt!
I just had this motherly instinct that it was a boy...already strike one. Chase thought boy too and only about 2 people thought it was going to be a girl out of everyone we know. (FYI: the old wives tales are NOT true!) After the shock wore off, we started getting super excited... scared to death.... but excited. I would say Chase is definitely more terrified. This weekend he said,
"On a scale from one to ten of freaking out, I was a 10, then it dropped to 8 and now I'm sitting comfortably at a 7.5!"

So maybe by the time she gets here, he'll be a solid 5! We had the 3D ultrasound today and she is precious. We can't wait to meet her in a few months!

Don't worry, just because I don't wear pink, does not mean she won't be decked out in pink with HUGE bows on her sweet little head:) EEESH so excited!

Anyway, Here's me at 20 weeks! Halfway there!


Danielle said...

ooh little Momma Taryn, I am super excited for a girl! She will be easier to spoil when she comes to visit her aunties in SA-Town!
love <3
Auntie Nelle

No Delay Gourmet said...
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